Saturday, November 29, 2014

Golden Rose Lipsticks Review

Hello Hello! :)
I haven't reviewed lipstick yet, so today I'm gonna review my favorite Golden Rose lipsticks. I think everyone knows about Golden Rose Cosmetics, they are Turkish company with a high quality  and great prices.
I'm gonna do review on some other products from their line that are worth to pay attention, but in some other post. :)

What I like the most about this lipstick its their price and quality, plus they have a big range of shades. The texture its creamy and highly pigmented, they are long lasting especially the matte ones and they do not dry out the lips.
The packaging its simple and I don't really like it, but for the price you can't expect more. They have a nice smell and they don't have any taste which its perfect!

Photos & Swatches 

(01,02,03 - Velvet Matte Lipsticks; 120 -Golden Rose Lipstick ; 05,40 - Ultra Rich Color Lipstick )

I definitely recommend these lipsticks especially the matte ones, and I think they are the best budget lipsticks I own. :)


  1. Beautiful shades of color

    Love Vikee

  2. odlichen post :*