Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oriflame and H&M beauty sponge review

Hello everyone! :)
Recently I started using beauty sponges to apply my foundation, and my foundation now look flawless and does not feel heavy at all.

I have tried only 2 beauty sponges, the first one was from H&M the price was really good. What I like the most about this beauty sponge is the design, it makes the sponge easy to hold and like that is easier for using. What I don't like about this sponge is that it changes the color after washing, and its never clean enough.

Oriflame Beauty sponge
I was really skeptical about this sponge because the price is really low only 99 den. but I wanted to try new sponge easier for using so after going back and forth I gave in.
Its a small handy sponge puff and it gets bigger when its wet, the material its soft so does not hurt the skin, it has a tapered end so its easier for using around the nose under the eyes etc.
When I applied my foundation I was really surprised because my face was looking flawless, and I had all the foundation on my face, not in the sponge.
I definitely recommend it.

I wanted try the original beauty blender, but I think 30$ its too much for a sponge, maybe its worth for the money but still 30$ are too much in my opinion. There has a lot of beauty blender dupes so you can try them, and pay lower price. :)

Hope you will like this post. With Love,