Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy Back to School/ Everyday makeup tutorial

This can be your everyday makeup, I was using mostly drugstore products and I hope you can see what Im doing and you will be able to do it on your self.

I was using:
Max factor 3 in 1 foundation (55 beige)
Jordana monoeyeshadow (02 light ash brown)
Clarins Palette quatuor  (110 nudes)
essence eyeshadow base
Impala liquid pen eyeliner
Golden Rose matte eyeshadow 210
Seventeen Silky Blusher No. 36
Malena lipliner No. 206
Malena eyeliner No. 402
Don Juan lipstick 31


  1. super video, sviđaju mi se sjenila koja koristiš...super mi je takav neutralan look.

  2. Awesome video

    Love Vikee

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