Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New In :)

I have got some new things, and I want to share them with you. :)

I love The BodyShop butters, they are perfect for my dry skin.

Moringa Body butter
I really like this one, it has such a wonderful smell and it moisturizes very well. It's thick enough and the smell stays on for a pretty long time.
Moringa body scrub
The product is a medium based scrub and is good for every day use without being too harsh on your skin.
Moringa Shower Gel
Smells great, doesn't dry your skin out, and its one of my favorites.
Moringa Body Mist
I love this product, smells really good and lasts very long! Its great for everyday! :)

Oriflame Love Nature Day Cream
Oriflame Love Nature Night Cream
I love the smell, and these creams are perfect for my dry skin :)
Oriflame Perfecting Face Primer
It helped my foundation stay in place for a couple of hours more than when I was not wearing any primer underneath the foundation, and the foundation looks really flawless.
I would recommend this primer to all beginners like me if you are not looking for something more luxurious. I consider it to be a budget primer at this price.

Shilbao Extra Gentle skin care Peeling
Face Soap

Avon Skin So Soft- Body Oil Spray
This product makes your skin feel silky, and smells amazing. The only problem I had with it is that it didn't come in a bigger bottle. I would definitely be ordering it again.
Nivea antiperspirant double effect
I don't like it very much, and I don't recommend it. :)

Isadora Vibrlash Mascara 
Batrery powered mascara with vibrating brush, three different speeds- up to 14 000 oscillations/min
Isadora Eye focus single eyeshadow
Isadora eyeshadow quartet (49 Gelato)
 Richly pigmented cream powder eye shadow


  1. great haul dear !

  2. I did´t knew some of the products but they look fantastic¡¡

    have a happy day¡¡¡