Whether you're hanging out with friends or painting the town in sparkles, you'll need an amazing new outfit to ring in 2014. I have some outfit ideas, that you can wear, hope you will like it. 

1. Glitter dresses

If you want to be noticed, this is the perfect choice for you, and its also a big trend this year.I have it in purple, the gold one its on my wish list.

2. Red (peplum) dress

I love noticeable colors, red its one of my favorites and i think its perfect for new years eve. I have chosen peplum because I love how it looks on me, but you can chose any other model. 

3. High waisted jeans

I love jeans you can wear them with everything, If you cant decide what to wear this can be perfect choice for you. You can wear them with shirt, blazer, high heels  dramatic make up and you are done! :)